The majority of the "lessons learned" MKR recommends as a result of the numerous projects designed and constructed on a University and School Campus. Many special design considerations and construction requirements may be implemented to lessen the construction impact on the facility user and staff. Several "lessons learned" examples may include:

  • Staging and phasing construction activities and areas.
  • Phasing vehicle and emergency access and egress.
  • Phasing pedestrian routes with well-identified signage.
  • Strict requirements for construction employee conduct.
  • Strict project cleanliness requirements.
  • Limiting working hours or operations for noise, etc.
  • Public relations and communication.

Our goal is to provide our client with an excellent product with the least inconveniences and nuisances to the general public and staff. MKR challenges every contractor to achieve one common goal - "Build the job as if you worked or used the Building frequently."


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