MK&R has a wide variety of experience in hydrology and hydraulic projects. Our experience and responsibility includes design, survey and construction administration for in excess of 19 dams (numerous high hazard classification), master planning drainage for a 1250 acre park, dredging streams, land reclamation, large canals, NPDES Permitting, stormwater sampling, GIS storm water inventory  and many erosion and sediment control projects. Erosion control project solutions included non-conventional, innovative methods of stabilization (1993 - 1995) such as gabions, reno mattress, grout filled fabrics, modular block and concrete retaining walls, steel sheet piling and dredging Little River. Projects were located in Red Cockaded Woodpecker forage areas, drop zones, impact/observation area, tank/fire trails and along roadside ditches. Many projects required a unique solution to a challenging erosion control problem. The Motorcross/Big Branch project was the first project issued an individual 401-404 Permit at Fort Bragg, NC.

Current regulatory trends are focused on strict enforcement of maintaining minimum environmental impact due to project developments. Professional engineers at Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel, Inc. are current with wetland regulations, stormwater management, watershed protection, and the endangered red cockaded woodpecker; the design identify these impacts and incorporate various alternatives. Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel, Inc. strives to provide proper management, control and utilization of stormwater runoff for economical and aesthetically pleasing solutions incorporated into land development.


  • Ogden Environmental NPDES Stormwater Sampling
  • Cumberland County Stormwater Sampling
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