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Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel, Inc.'s annexation experiences includes the City of Fayetteville and Public Works Commission's annexation projects over the past 23 years. Annexation projects are unique because construction and residents in heavily populated areas must interact harmoniously for long periods of time while streets are being destroyed and reconstructed to include sewer and water mains installation. Annexation projects require intensive construction management, public relations, a service provided by Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel, Inc. on many projects.

Services furnished for referenced projects include needs assessment reports, surveying, mapping, engineering, hydraulic analysis of existing water and sewer systems, plans, specifications, permitting, easement maps and legal descriptions, construction estimates, staking and observation.

Annexation project experience includes twelve major areas exceeding $60,000,000 in construction costs to install approximately 87 miles of sewer mains, 19 miles of water mains located in 105 miles of paved streets serving 7260 parcels in approximately 52 different subdivisions. All projects were designed on schedule and within budget.


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